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Motel Attraction

Myrtle Beach35 miles

Book your next vacation in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The city is nestled along the beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and is packed with family attractions, exciting theater shows and endless restaurants serving up almost anything you can imagine. It’s no wonder we get over 14 million visitors annually!

Lake Waccamaw 12 miles

Lake Waccamaw is a unique fresh water lake located in Columbus County in North Carolina. The lake is oval in shape and measures roughly 5.2 by 3.5 miles (5.6 km) with an average depth of 7.5 feet (2.3 m). It covers 36,170,802 square meters, an average width of 2.32 meters and a shoreline of about 22,852 meters.

Yogi Bear's Jelly Stone Park 18 miles

Tucked away on a quiet farm is one of Southeastern North Carolina's best kept secrets; Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park™ in Tabor City! Formally known as Daddy Joe's, our Park-Camp™ resort invites you to RV camp with us and friends!

White Lake25 miles

This was a beautiful hike around 123-acre White Lake with views of the Sandwich and Ossipee Ranges; a walk around a small bog; and among pine forests. The trails cover ground in White Lake State Park, Black Spruce Ponds Preserve, and Pitch Pine National Landmark.

Wilmington Beach 45 miles

The Cape Fear River is a 202 miles (325 km) long blackwater river in Wilmington, North Carolina. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Fear, from which it takes it's name. The overall water quality of the river is continuously measured and monitored by the Lower Cape Fear River Program and conducted by the UNCW Aquatic Ecology Lab, UNCW Benthic Ecology Lab, and the UNCW Icethyology and Fish Ecology Lab. The Cape Fear Shiner is endemic to the river basin.

South of the Border 32 miles

South Of The Border (or SOB, as it's known to insiders) is a unique amalgam of Dixie and Old Mexico. At first you wonder what all this Mexican stuff is doing in South Carolina, thousands of miles from its natural habitat. But in a remarkably short time you'll accept SOB as a neon yellow and pink Tijuana, with the added benefit that its inhabitants speak English and its water is safe to drink.

Forest Museum in Whiteville

The North Carolina Museum of Forestry is a satellite facility of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences located in Whiteville, North Carolina. Its mission is to celebrate the natural history and cultural heritage of North Carolina's forests through interpretive exhibits, educational programming and the preservation of natural and man-made materials that demonstrate the ongoing relationship of forests and people.

Battleship in Wilmington

USS North Carolina (BB-55) (Showboat) was the lead ship of North Carolina-class battleships and the fourth warship in the U.S. Navy to be named in honor of the State of North Carolina. She was the first newly constructed American battleship to enter service during World War II, and she took part in every major naval offensive in the Pacific Theater of Operations to become the most highly decorated American battleship of World War II, accumulating 15 battle stars. The USS North Carolina is now a museum ship and memorial kept at the seaport of Wilmington, N.C.